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  • What are Steel Structures ?

    Steel Structure is any material constructed with steel which is modified into suitable shapes and sizes, fixed together by bolting or welding in order to withstand the loads it would be subjected to.

    Steel Structure can be used for industrial buildings, towers, bridges, ladders, balustrades and electrical poles.

    Physical Properties of Steel Structures

    • unit mass (Density) of steel = 7850 kg/m^3
    • Modulus of Elasticity (E) = 200 X 10^3 N/mm^2
    • poison's ratio = 0.3
    • Modulus of rigidity (G) = 0.769 X 10^5 N/mm^2
    • co-efficient of thermal expansion = 12 x 10^6 / ℃

    Mechanical Properties of Steel Structures

    • Yield stress
    • Toughness
    • Tensile and ultimate strength

    Relevance of Steel Structures

    • Buildings constructed with steel structures are much more resistant to fire and termites.
    • steel structure users have a great deal on insurance because of the excellent qualities of the steel material.
    • It makes it very easier for architect in the designed process because of the steel qualities such as its malleability and durability.
    • It is very efficient since it is easy to install and complete.
    • It is also capable and suitable to resist earthquakes and strong winds as it is designed to be subjected to loads.

    Characteristics of Yesawaki Steel Structures

    • Durable: The steel structure material is made of the combination of alloys of iron and carbon to form a tough steel
    • Robust: It has high strength per unit mass, hence even for large structures the size of steel structural element is small, saving space in construction.
    • Anti-corrosive: Yewasaki steel structures has undergone the process of galvanization and powder coating which makes it resistible to corrosion.
    • It can resist all climatic weather conditions, respectively.
    • It is efficient and easy to install.