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  • What are Steel Bridges ?

    Steel bridge is a type of bridge constructed with steel material to aid in crossover. The steel material used for the bridge comprises alloys of irons and carbons and this account for its durability and toughness. Steel bridge fabrication traditionally had remained unchanged in many respects since the evolution from riveting to high – strength bolting. Typical steel bridge fabrication started with manual layout of all holes and stiffener locations. Holes were generated by manually positioning magnetic drills and then drilling each hole one at a time, once the end connection holes were drilled and the connection plates attached, the next girder would be manually put into the ultimate erection position, relative to the first girder.

    This is done before the end connection holds the second girder could be located and manually drilled. Traditionally, the challenge to automate the drilling process of welded bridge girders was that they were not always fabricated as designed because of weld shrinkage, their total length further compounds this challenge. Yewasaki Company has incorporated many unique and innovative machine and software development to address this challenge. The production of girder drills is not new to feature but the pull through design required extensive footprint to accommodate both the entry and exit conveyors.

    In addition, as welded girders frequently have differing flange height along the length, they are not always conducive to convey through a traditional drilling line. In contrast, the endeavor gantry drilling systems from Yewasaki Company, processes girders that remain stationary, and this industry-leading innovative technology enables labor saving capabilities that were previously not available.

    Characteristics of Yesawaki Steel Bridges

    • Durable: The combination of the alloys and carbon used in steel naturally makes it stronger. We preserve our steel in an excellent place in our industry which prevent it from losing it qualities.
    • Tough: Even though steel organically is strong, it comes in grades which means there are some which is stronger than the other, our steel falls under the strongest steel and this account for our outstanding works.
    • Anti-corrosive: Steel as metal is subjected to corrosion but with our further studies and experiences, we galvanized our steel in order to withstand corrosion and abrasiveness.
    • Weather Resistance: Our steel is climatic friendly and does not wear off or lose it quality even during seasonal or climatic changes.
    • Beautiful and Appealing: Our team of experts are well-skilled enough to always provide customers or client with an outstanding and desirable work.

    steel bridges project photos
    steel bridges project photos steel bridges project photos
    steel bridges project photos