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  • What is Road Construction ?

    Road Construction is the process of combining the required soil materials, deploying qualified engineers and following the appropriate procedures to build a road to ensure an efficient means of transportation. Roads are constructed to provide a channel or medium for transportation of goods and personnel from one place to the other.

    The problem we face today, especially in Africa, is poor road construction which has led to lorry accident and loss of precious lives. This could be as a result of unqualified road constructors or architects and the use of inferior materials in the making.

    Best Practices To Ensure Good / Quality Road

    • Use the right materials for road construction.
    • Get water away from the road.
    • Use the best soils available.
    • Compact soils well.
    • Design road to withstand all climatic conditions.
    • Design for traffic loads and volumes.
    • Build from the bottom up.

    Characteristics of Roads Constructed By Yesawaki

    • Quality: The use of best soils and right materials are used in the activities by our professionals which makes every road constructed by us, quality.
    • Durable and robust: The use of quality materials and professionals are involved in the making, perhaps road construction would be tough and long lasting.
    • Lower cost and maintenance: Yewasaki charges very less as compared to other construction companies because we are the sole producers and that also account for low maintenance as well.
    • Appealing and beautiful: Our creative constructors and architects are gifted with design skills to build roads to a desirable preference of a look and feel.

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