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  • What is a Dam ?

    Dam is a well-constructed water reservoir that is purposefully used for hydroelectric power, irrigation activities, human consumption and industrial usage.

    Dams have essential functions which improves and sustain growth. In Ghana, Dams are used to provide hydro electrical power or electricity to the economy and even supply to some West African Countries.

    In some parts of the world, Dams are used by farmers and fish farmers for irrigation activities especially during dry seasons when water dries up or becomes scarce.

    Components of Dam

    • Heel: It is the part of dam meeting with the upstream side of a Dam
    • Toe: It is part of dam meeting with the downstream side of a Dam
    • NB: Heel and Toe gives stability to the dam structure.
    • Crest or Roadway: It is the top portion of a dam used as a road or walkway.
    • Gallery: it is a hallow openings passing through the dam structure. It collects seepage water from the foundation and body of the dam, drain it out through drainage holes.
    • Diversion Tunnel: Its main purpose is to redirect water of a Dam.
    • Conduits: It serves as passage for water supply of a Dam.
    • Cutoff: Its Principal purpose is to reduce the loss of storage water by reducing seepage of a Dam.
    • Sluice Way: Its purpose is to remove the silt accumulated inside the Dam.
    • Spillway: it conveys excess water from upstream to downstream of a Dam

    Characteristics of Dams Constructed by Yesawaki

    • Reliable: The best of soil materials and requirement are used in our work to project Dams, considering the water capability and leakage preventions.
    • Durable: Materials used are tough and robust to serve for many decades without losing it qualities and functionalities.
    • Robust: Quality materials we used in the making Dam accounts for its longevity and this makes us stand out among our competitors.
    • Anti-Corrosive and Weather resistance: Turbines and other metal parts in the Dams are galvanized to prevent corrosion and to withstand all environmental conditions, ensuring continuous functionality of the Dam since there would be no interruption of metal breakages.