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    • The Leader In Building & Road Construction

      Building & Road Construction Contractors

      We construct roads with the finest equipment and personnel to put up quality roads while meeting the strict standards and specifications of today's industry.

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    • Professionals in Steel Structures & Bridges

      Steel Structures & Bridges

      We produce quality steels to build structures and bridges that last long. The production of quality materials makes us outstanding.

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    • Experts in Dam Construction


      We solely design and build quality and Robust Dams. Our Engineers who have undergone training and gained field experience put up reliable Dams.

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    • True Architects and constructors in Airport Aprons

      Airport Apron

      Our creative engineers always put up an eye catching view in their constructive works and also consider the safety of the Airport Apron to prevent the risk and dangers.

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    Successfully completed projects


    Highly specialised employees


    Countries around the world

    Road Construction

    Road Construction is our area of specialization. We have many professionals and experience personnel in the company who builds and designs quality roads satisfactorily.

    Steel Structures & Bridges

    We are the original leader in the design, development and manufacturing process of steel structures & bridges. Our Engineers are trained metal fabricators who designs from a conceptual design level to installation of the structure.


    Rely on us for a quality Dam. Our team of professional Architects and constructors will build to your outstanding desired view. As we have quality materials and personnel, there would be an outcome of quality Work done.

    Airport Apron

    Airport is a place of beauty and there is the need for the Apron at the Airport to be fascinating in both the design and furnished work. For good designers and excellent hand work in building just count on us. We know so well.


    Sea Defense and Coastal Protection

    Sea Defense and Coastal Protection is one the activities we have engaged in for the past 2 decades. This makes us experience and innovative in solving problems concerning sea and coastal protection.

    Marine and Offshore Infrastructure

    As Metal fabricators and Engineers in construction, we use quality materials which are resistant to water and climatic conditions for the construction of marine and offshore infrastructures keenly for effective and efficient operations.

    WE DO

    Road Construction, Steel Bridges, Steel Structures, Dams & Airport Aprons

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    Essence of Our Work

    Thinking of the poor infrastructure development of roads in Ghana and the use of inferior materials in construction isn't ideal and this has cost the country a lot. Yewasaki came on-board to ensure and educate the use of quality materials and it relevance with the purpose of reducing cost as in most cases, has been the reasons for poor usage of low materials in development. For the past few years, there has been a great impact on the roads constructed by us. Due to our diligent work in construction with the use of quality materials, has avoided further costs and loss of lives.

    • Extensive experience in renovating
    • Exceptional finishes
    • Collabrative value enginnering in regards to quality
    • High Skilled and experienced craft personnel
    road construction

    Full Service

    Yesawaki Team is always available for your services. We offer neat and classic work without compromising quality which is our hallmark.


    When it comes to quality, maintenance is always a priority. Due to this, we have a cool and appropriate area we keep our finished works.


    We work on time and give out our best to deliver to clients or customers as promised.

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